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Juan March Foundation.

Client: Fundación Juan March. [From 2014].

Tags: Consulting and Services.



The Juan March Foundation is one of the country’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

Its ongoing activity in the cultural sphere places it indisputably at the centre of the scientific and academic landscape. Its facilities in Madrid, Cuenca and Palma de Mallorca host more than 260 events per year, including exhibitions, concerts, musical theatre and conferences.

This activity makes it not just a flagship for its time but also a notable producer of audio-visual content.The enormous effort, which is largely self-managed, involves contributions from external agents such as Scope.

Some figures? Every year it produces more than 250 videos of concerts and conferences, it runs more than 150 live streaming broadcasts and more than 250 podcasts of different events.

Scope offers communication services (brand images and videos), training and technical consultancy, for updating and improving audio-visual infrastructure.

It also offers work flow design for audio-visual production within the foundation, and provides the services of qualified technical staff to meet the production and post-production goals for its events and contents.