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Client: NTS Solutions. [2017-2020].

Tags: Fiction. Branded Content.


NTS-Solutions is a company specialized in the integration of corporate computer systems for large companies. Scope, through its subsidiary Euskope, has been working since 2017 together with NTS to provide the narrative and audiovisual solutions necessary to bring its business projects and technological communications closer to all types of public (see “Anderoid”).

We have achieved this thanks to our vision and experience in the audiovisual field of more than 25 years, creating unique stories that perfectly integrate the communication needs of NTS-Solutions with its clients and target audience.

The short films “Hints” and “Assistants” prove this. We have managed to approach such notorious topics as computer security in the business environment or the importance of voice assistants in family reconciliation, generating a unique narrative atmosphere.

In addition, the “Fake Studies” turn the tables when it comes to presenting a classic Case Study, adding a note of humor that marries perfectly when it comes to addressing NTS projects and technological and business achievements, making this project a fun and enjoyable job of which we are very proud.