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Cupcake Maniacs.

Client: Mediaset (Divinity). [From 2013].

Tags: Branded Content.


This original format arose in response to what was then a fledgling trend for “creative confectionery” in Spain. Alma Obregón (top baking influencer) was the presenter of this branded content that managed to create its own niche as part of the DIVINITY (Grupo Mediaset) television programme for 3 seasons.

Cupcake Maniacs successfully brought together the essential qualities that both Universal McCann and Zenith Media wanted for their respective brands: Azucarera and Leche Alpro.

It was the leader in its segment, creating audiences beyond the chain and focusing on an optimum commercial target of women between 25 and 45 years of age. In addition, thanks to the social media strategy that the brands pursued, it provided around 10 million total hits per season.